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Arts And Creation

Creative Arts and Productive Arts

Group of Educational Solidarity Nepal(GESON) Students are taught paperwork, drawing, clouring, painting and claywork under creative arts. These activities hone their creative skills. They are able to use their innovative ideas to create wonderful works of art. The seeds of research are sown in these classes.

 Needle work, knitting, clouring, recycling and craft are taught to the students under productive arts. These activities help the students to produce useful and innovative items in future. Children are also encouraged to make models, posters and charts for display in the class rooms and the school exhibition.

Students are taught to take care of the environment. They are involved in the recycling of paper in the recycling plant installed in the school. Besides recycling paper, the students are encouraged to make the best use of things which are normally thrown away.

Arts Club

This club holds exhibitions on arts, crafts and home science. It designs several kinds of posters. It is solely responsible for stage decoration during school functions..

Literary Club

This club conducts spelling contests, debates, one-act plays etc. It also plays an active role in preparing the school magazine and the wall magazines displayed in different parts of the school.

Culture Club

This club is concerned with music and dance. It organities competitions in vocal and instrumental music as well as in modern and classical dance forms. The club has its own band and a choir.

School Functions

The school holds functions on special occasions. The Annual Sports Day and the Award Distribution Day are celebrated with great interest. Besides these, there are a number of cultural shows in an academic session.

Certain national and religious festivals are also celebrated. They are Buddha Jayanti, Bal Diwas, Dashain, Tihar, Teachers’ Day, Shree Panchami (Saraswati Puja), Maha Shivaratri, Christmas and Martyrs’ Day.