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A Group of Educational Solidarity Nepal(GESON) Nawalparasi is a social service organization established in 2059 B.S. with an aim of promoting quality education through organized effort of the institutional (Private and Boarding) schools. This organization has been registered in District Administration Office, (Affiliation No.15446), Government of Nepal. It carries out its official activities from its Head Office located at Bardaght Municipality, Ward No – 4, Nawalparasi.

The effort of Institutional Schools in uplifting the educational standard of the nation is appreciable. A greater contribution in the sector is expected if there is collective effort. in this context, GESON is playing a significant role. It is working in enhancing quality education by encouraging its member schools to apply modern technologies in education. It also manages trainings and technical support programs to its member schools to enable them to cope with modern issues in education.


GESON regularly organizes various programs & activities to enhance educational solidarity & strengthen friendship among member schools. Educational tours for Founders/Principals is regularly conducted to provide a platform for renewing and refreshing the friendly relationship. In the same way different sub-committees have been formed to bring uniformity in academic and extra-curricular activities among member schools. The exam Committee conducts the examination. Training Committee manages various trainings for Founders, Principals, Teachers and Accountants etc. Co-curricular Activities Committee organizes co-curricular activities to boost out the potential of the students beyond their school boundaries. Publication Committee Publishes journal including educational news, articles and the activities performed by GESON and its member schools.

Forty Eight institutional schools of Nawalparasi District have recognized themselves as GESON members at present. Among them four are Primary, Five represent Lower Secondary, Thirty Nine Secondary schools.

GESON Co-Curricular Activities

Activities which are apart and outside the existing curriculum were formerly known as extra curricular activities. But items which are related with the development of children and parts of school activities should be called co-curricular activities. Education is no longer treated as something stored in the text-books; text books can only provide some information, but its role for imparting total education is limited. Children today need knowledge, skill and personality. These three requisites are supposed to be provided by the school. A responsible citizen should possess certain basic qualities of personality such as self control, sympathy, fellow feeling, honesty etc. Co-curricular activities are, therefore, a series of activities related with the school programme, which help to bring out all round development of the students, apart from the subjects for examination schedule.

The students of the School take part in various co-curricular activities. Singing, dance and dramatics are just a few of them. What is remarkable about singing and dance is that students themselves write the lyrics of the songs, set them to music, compose the whole song and choreograph the dance. They act in classical plays known for their merit in world literature. The make-up and the stage decoration is done by the students where teacher’s contribution is minimal.